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I couldn't tell you when I became an artist because I can't remember not being one. I was always drawing some animal or other, and getting new crayons felt like Christmas. Over the years little has changed, and now all I want for any special occasion is a trip to the art store for just one more new color of Old Holland oils. 

I attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, earning a BFA in Illustration in 2006. I met my husband Tony in the program there, and we've been happily creating art together ever since. We've collaborated on several children's books and other miscellaneous projects over the years, but we've decided that we'd like to pursue our own artistic interests now that our daughter is older and we have more time to work separately in our studios. 

I've travelled a winding creative path over the years, trying my hand at scientific, children's, and portrait illustration. Though enjoyable, I wasn't truly in love with the projects I was doing. It wasn't until I attended Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in 2014 that I saw the whole world of the fantasy/imaginative realism genre and knew I'd finally found where I belong. My portfolio still consists mainly of my older work, but my current and future projects will be tipping the scales toward more conceptual illustrations. If you'd like to see in-progress work and sketches, you can follow me on Instagram.

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