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2017 art book showcases my work & the process behind my traditional mixed media painting technique


ABOUT THE BOOK: Birdwhisperer project special edition

This softcover book is perfect bound at 6x9" and 60 pages long, printed on 80lb glossy paper with a laminated cover. The BirdWhisperer Project Special Edition contains a BirdWhisperer Project Guest Section, which will only appear in the first print run of 300 copies. They all come signed and numbered.

- Over 20 Finished Paintings

- BirdWhisperer Project Guest Section: Pieces created for the BirdWhisperer Project by 20 different artists

- Several pages of Concept Drawings and Sketches

- Behind-the-Scenes look at my painting process and mixed media technique


ABOUT THE campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for 2017 Art Book lasted for three weeks and brought in $3,320: 266% funding over my original goal of $1,250. 



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